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Legal English training events

A series of 13 language English training events will be implemented by ERA with the support of EJTN and the supporting organisations. Each event will have a duration of three days in total (two full days and two half days) and will be addressed to maximum 26 court staff from various EU Member States.

1. Zagreb, Croatia

Date: 21-24 October 2019
Event number: 119DT25
Seminar programme

2. Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: 11-14 November 2019
Event number: 119DT26
Seminar programme

3. Sofia, Bulgaria

Date: 2-5 December 2019
Event number: 119DT27
Seminar programme

4. Brussels, Belgium

Date: 20-23 January 2020
Event number: 120DT10
Seminar programme

5. Bucharest, Romania

Date: 23-26 March 2020
Event number: 120DT11
Seminar programme

6. Trier, Germany

Date: 12-15 May 2020
Event number: 120DT12

7. Helsinki, Finland

Date: 8-11 June 2020
Event number: 120DT13

8. Krakow, Poland

Date: 22-25 September 2019
Event number: 120DT15

9. Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: 19-22 October 2020
Event number: 120DT14

10. Budapest, Hungary

Date: 26-29 January 2021
Event number: 121DT04

11. Lisbon, Portugal

Date: 8-11 March 2021
Event number: 121DT05

12. Schwechat, Austria

Date: 3-6 May 2021
Event number: 121DT06

13. Riga, Latvia

Date: 7-10 June 2021
Event number: 121DT07

Conditions of participation
Interested court staff may register via their respective national training institutions. Participation is on selection.
Participants should have a working knowledge of English.
Costs: Participation in the Legal English training events is free of charge.
Accommodation: Accommodation for 3 nights will be booked by the organisers.
Travel: Selected court staff will receive a significant contribution to their travel costs upon receipt of the original invoices, tickets and receipts. Participants are asked to arrange their own travel.